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Thick Photoresist Blanks for 3D Microstructures

CST's unique spin-coating technology provides our customers with mask blanks that are advanced in forming better photoresist uniformity on square substrates that use 3D microstructures (MLS, moth eye, holographic) and process applications (MEMS, TAB, COG, CSP etc.)
A variety of different thicknesses or photoresist types can be used for direct exposure on almost any flat material, quickly transforming ideas into reality.

Leser microscope
SEM image

• Standard Photoresists
In order to best respond to the needs of our customers, we have prepared a wide selection of photoresists including the AZP 4000 series. We also readily accept special orders for photoresists. Please feel free to contact us with your request.

• Choice of Thickness
Variety of thickness ranges according to the application or product-line process.
Thickness can range from 1.5µm up to 40µm. (Thickness over 40µm is negotiable.)

• Effective Area
Centered 80% coverage in a whole plate. (Please inquire with regards to specification.)

• Substrate Materials
Thicker resists are coated on soda-lime glass, quartz glass, alkali-free glass etc. Coating Cr (or CrO) between the photoresist and substrate is another option, as well as direct coating on bare glass.

• Substrate Sizes
For more information, see the size chart of "Products"

CST provides coating technology for forming a thicker photoresist and the best uniformity blanks responding to various 3D pattern-generating demands from worldwide customers.
We take pride in being able to handle the coating of larger size substrates (e.g., more than 1 meter) and wafer plates. For further details contact us here.

[ Example of Product ]
 Photoresist: AZP 4210
 PR thickness (target): 4.5µm
 Surface uniformity: 0.1398µm (effective range)
 Basement under photoresist: Low-reflective chrome film
 Size of plate: Soda-lime 203mm × 203mm × 3.0mmt
 Coating thickness device: F20 (non-contact film thickness measure)

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