02BM Blanks

For fifteen years since 1994, more than 100,000 black matrix (BM) blanks with ultra-low reflection for aeronautical instrumentation were installed in the cockpit displays of tens of thousands of aircraft, contributing to air safety worldwide even today.
Although BM blanks are no longer produced for aeronautical instruments and Cr-based BM blanks are now used in only a few products, the reflective film technologies cultivated in this field are utilized in products such as encoders and masks that themselves are used as equipment components.
This kind of film is also used in glass etching, and we expect to see new demand and applications for this technology.

  • BM Blanks

BM Blanks

BM Blanks

BM blanks are mainly used on glass with a thickness of 1.1 mm or thinner to suppress reflection on the non-deposited side.
Large sizes of 100–730 mm × 920 mm are available even on extremely thin substrates with only 0.5 mm thickness.
In most cases, clients supply the base materials, but we can also provide them.
In most cases, we perform up to Cr deposition, without performing resist coating.

Film Structure for BM Blanks

    • BMブランクスの膜構成

    Strictly speaking, BM blanks are those using the above-described low-reflection (GL) film on the glass side, but we generally treat all products up to Cr deposition on a thin base material as BM blanks.
    We often receive orders for blanks for glass etching using an oxide protective film, or for blanks for checking equipment or lines with a single-layer Cr film.